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Activities, things to do and places to visit when staying at Monte Cerro:


Last but certainly not least there are the sagras to visit. Something which most tourists seem to miss out on. Sagras are local festivals usually with a food theme. Almost every little town in the area has its own sagra and I am happy to say that the Sagra della Contadina at Fabro Scalo is one of the nicest. There are too many sagras to mention here, but on the page “Latest news and special offers” you will find a calendar listing of all the festivals and sagras in this area.

Grape and olive picking

Every year at the end of September, beginning of October the vendemnia takes place. For those guests who would like to experience this we can organise a week during which you can help to pick as many or as few grapes as you like, watch how the wine is made, visit wine tasting events etc. At the end of November, beginning of December the olive picking takes place. Again we can organise a special week during which guests can help picking the olives, taste olive oil, visits to the frantoio (mill), learn a little about extra vergine olive oil and a visit to the old tower in Ficulle where an olive oil and bruschetta tasting is organised every year. And of course, for those who have come by car, there is the possibility to take back home some bottles of extra vergine olive oil of a quality you can not buy at home at the supermarket. Please note that especially the olive harvest depends very much on the weather conditions and it is very difficult to predict exactly when the olives can be picked. If you are interested, check regularly our website, page “Latest news and special offers”.

Lago di Trasimeno /Lago di Bolsena

Looking at the map you will find that Ficulle lies more or less between two lakes. The biggest lake is Lago di Trasimeno which has three islands that can be visited by ferry. A very pretty little town with an excellent view over the lake is Castiglione del Lago. Being rather touristy it is also a place to buy souvenirs. Castiglione del Lago is also one of the places where you can get on the ferry. Lago di Bolsena is smaller and a little less touristy. It is a volcanic lake and the soil around the lake is very fertile; there are many growers of roses and hydrangeas around the lake. The region is also famous for its white wine called “Est Est Est”, a wine with a history.

Etruscan Rombs at Chiusi

Chiusi, about 20 minutes by car, was one of the most important Etruscan cities. There is an Etruscan Museum where you can also obtain information about tombs that can be visited. For more information you might want to look at: www.planetware.com (Etruscan Tombs, Chiusi)

Roman Baths at Chianciano

At 35/40 minutes driving from Monte Cerro you can visit the Roman Baths at Chianciano. There are various tourist facilities, but the use of the pools with thermal water is free. Many people go there at night to enjoy the warm thermal water under the stars. For these occasions we can prepare you a “Romantic Night Basket”, including tasty snacks and a bottle of Spumante. For more information you could for example look at: www.vivichiancianoterme.it

Horseback riding

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful nature of Umbria than on horseback. There are several riding schools in the area that offer rides in the country side. We can help you if necessary to obtain information, prices and book a ride on your behalf.


Ficulle once used to be renowned for its pottery and terra cotta products such as bricks and roof tiles. Nowadays there is very little left of this traditional trade, but there is still a number of potters that are willing to show you how pots are made and let you try your hand at this trade. Pottery lessons will have to be booked in advance. The prices and further information will be added to this page in due course.

Rafting, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking

Through our friends Simone and Valentina of Mai Dire Eventi SrL , a company that organises teambuilding events for companies, we can intermediate for you to participate in their various activities, which also include quads and 4 x 4 ralleys. If you are interested in these activities we can contact them and advise you which of these activities that you could join are taking place during the period you will be staying at Monte Cerro and the prices. For more information about Mai Dire Eventi SrL see their website : www.maidireeventi.it

La Badia di San Nicolo

We can organise a walk from Monte Cerro to the Badia di San Nicolo, a small chapel from the 14th century, situated in a beautiful little valley. The chapel is still in its original state, with exception of the roof which has been restored. The actual path that leads to the Badia was used for centuries by the monks who lived in little cottages near the chapel, to take their herbs and vegetables to the small town of Ficulle. The path leads down rather steeply to the Badia. This walk can be and has been done also by children of five years or older. The walk takes no more than an hour, but can be prolonged by exploring the surroundings of the little chapel. At lunchtime we will meet you at the Badia with a wonderful picknick, after which you can choose to return by foot (for the hardy ones among you) or we’ll give you a lift back home to Monte Cerro. The walk with picknick can be booked a day in advance and the price per person is € 12,50 for the picknick. Children up to 12 years old € 7,50.

Watching the local wildlife

Fernando keeps an eye on the local wildlife and game population as a volunteer. He will take you on a (very)early walk and show you the places where wildlife can be seen. Of course there is no guarantee that the animals will actually show up when you want them to, but the walk itself is already worth your while. The animals you might see are foxes, badgers, porcupines, deer, skunks, wild boar etc. A wildlife walk will have to be booked in advance and the price per person depends on the number of participants. For example: based on 4 participants the price per person would be € 15,00. Please note that you will have to get up very early, wear clothes in mute (natural) colours, good walking shoes and don’t forget to bring a pair of binoculars. This activity is not suitable for young children.

Cooking lessons

Silvana has worked in restaurants, is a very much requested cook at the local sagra and other festivities and will teach you how to make fresh pasta, sauces for pasta and many other typical local dishes. Cooking lessons will have to be booked in advance and the price per person depends on the dishes you would like to learn to cook and the number of participants. Example: A morning spent in Silvana’s kitchen learning how to make fresh pasta with four people will cost € 12,50 per person, including ingredients and the written recipe to take home with you.

Bagno del Diavolo

A thermal pool at no more than 15 minutes by car. Entrance to the Parco Termale is free, entrance to the thermal pool costs € 10,00 per person for a whole day, € 7,00 per person for half a day. Cultural events are also organised on the premises. For further information look at their website: www.bagnodeldiavolo.it

Use of swimming pool

Monte Cerro does not have a swimming pool but our guests can use the private swimming pool of a neighbouring agriturismo whose owner Francesca has kindly offered this possibility. The pool is less than 5 minutes by car from Monte Cerro. There are also public swimming pools in Ficulle and Fabro Scalo.

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